Do you appreciate the simple things in life?


With the world of celebrity culture always, being shown to us on the television and in the newspapers, it is very easy to get swept away thinking that a more affluent life would make our lives really perfect. We are often brought up from a very young age to work hard at school, to secure a good job to earn money to go on fantastic holidays and ultimately end-up in the house of our dreams. Is this a healthy way for children to be brought up?

The old saying “money doesn’t buy you everything” is true in that it can’t buy you happiness but, I think you will agree, the one thing money can do is buy you choices in life. However, as you go through life, when do you know that you have got to the point of having enough money?

Many years ago, after leading an extremely healthy life, I suddenly found myself in hospital, for a relatively short period of time, with a really serious illness. It was a complete shock to me and the first time that I had ever really had the time to sit and reflect upon my life and realised that the one thing that I had really taken fore-granted was having good health. I was lucky to be in a ward which had some really lovely people to chat to, who I befriended very quickly, and just before I left one of these new acquaintances gave me a poem. As I read it, it completely resonated with me and in an instant really put my life into perspective.

The Simple Things In Life
The Simple Things In Life

Here is the poem that was given to me which is called The Simple Things:

A little home, a garden patch
A fire, a cup of tea
These are the daily sunshine bits
That cheer us – you and me

Big joys, big mansions, riches, fame
Are splendid in their way
But simple pleasures bring a glow
That gladdens every day

I realised that all through my working life I had just been chasing that big money dream and really overlooked the most important thing which is to make sure you look after your health and find happiness in everything you have, because without that you really are in trouble. I also realised that whilst it is nice to have, and there is nothing wrong with having, lovely things in your life they are just that ‘things’. My whole outlook on life changed virtually overnight. I consider that I have always been an appreciative and happy person but what this really did do was make me extremely contented with my life and not just then but on an ongoing daily basis.

Since that time, as well as my great husband, I now have two lovely children too and every day I remind myself how lucky we all are to have good health and hope that that continues for a long time. What I do know which I didn’t know then, and find very reassuring, is that as long as we are all together and have good health we really do need very little else.

Do you appreciate the simple things in life and what do you consider the simple things to be?

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