How to follow-up with your contacts manually!

The majority of people are really poor at follow-up and, as a result, they end-up doing considerably less business than they ultimately could.

How often do you follow-up?

Did you know that the 80% of sales are made on the 5th to 12th contact and that only 10% of sales people make more than 3 contacts? Do you make contact more than 3 times?

The main reason people do not follow-up with their business contacts is often due to having a poor follow-up system or NO SYSTEM AT ALL!

Not everyone wants to use a system that is computer based, and there are lots of different ways you can have a manual system to follow-up and keep in touch with your prospects and customers. A lot of people are surprised to find that it takes very little time to set-up and put a manual system in place. The main benefit of having a manual system is that you can pick it up and take it with you, wherever you go, without relying on the need to have internet access.

Often people are much more productive if they have a visual reminder in front of them too, in order to keep in touch, rather than having to access their computer or mobile.

The system I would recommend to adopt, if you want to have a manual system, is to take an A4 ring binder and buy two sets of file dividers. One set with the days of the month (numbered 1-31) and one set with the months of the year. You then need a simple customer information sheet which you complete every time you meet a new prospect or secure a new customer. Once you have made contact, if they are not ready to buy now, you ascertain when would be a good time to call them back and then place them in the appropriate section of the file. Make sure that you harvest as much personal information as you can, when you are initially talking to them, as the more personal information you can glean helps you to relationship market with them in the future.  At the beginning of each month you then bring forward the follow-up sheets from the monthly section and file them in the relevant daily contact sections and continue this process on a daily/monthly basis throughout the year.

There are also other forms of this system you can use such as the A5 box system with A5 cards with you using the same type of dividers for the box system as you would the A4 file system.

By using this type of system, if done in a methodical way, you will ensure that you never forget to follow-up with a contact again. This can, of course, be used in conjunction with a computer based system if you so wish. The choice is yours. However, this manual system is all you really need for an effective follow-up strategy.

Is this something you feel would be really useful for you to utilise in your business?  I hope these tips have helped.  Please comment below if you need any further help of advice.

Until next time,

Nicky @NickyClaydon.