Keep In Touch

Why do customers leave you?


Did you know that…?

For every month your business is not in contact with your customers you will lose 10% of your influence over them.

Do you keep telling yourself that you really need to get in touch with your customers? Are there people connected to your business that you are neglecting? Do you need to remind these business contacts that you are STILL IN BUSINESS!

So why do your customers leave you? It probably isn’t what you think! The US Small Business and US Chamber of Commerce researched this subject and their findings were extremely interesting.

Keep In Touch

Here are the reasons most customers leave within the first year of doing business with you:

1% Die

1% Move

5% Buy from a friend

9% Leave due to price, choosing to go to a competitor

14% Leave due to being dissatisfied with your product of service

68% Leave due to perceived indifference (they believe you don’t care about them)

Do you ever ask yourself what will happen if you don’t keep in contact with your clients on a regular basis? It is simple – they will go elsewhere!

Customers who feel appreciated provide more referrals, which costs you absolutely nothing in advertising costs. Customers who champion you, and the service that you provide, can furnish you with as much as 80% more referrals per year.

Losing customers, or customers who will recommend your services, is completely unnecessary and you don’t want this happening to you. STOP THE ROT NOW to ensure your customers hear from you so that they don’t get forgotten! Focus on building better relationships with your current or past customers in order to have an endless stream of repeat and referred business.

It is vital to the success of your business to develop a strategy so you don’t lose customers.  Ask yourself if any of the following apply to you:

  • I have no follow-up system at all and don’t know where to begin?
  • The current system I have is costly, labour intensive and takes-up a lot of my time?
  • The current follow-up method(s) I’m using doesn’t/do not produce the required results and, if not, is it time to replace it/them with an alternative?

Which one applies to you? Now is the perfect time to get yourself organised.

Don’t delay and with a little help you will be able to put a simple operating system in place – you’ll be pleased you did!

More tips to follow. Until then,

Nicky @NickyClaydon.