The Power of Calendar Cards

Are you struggling with the cost of marketing your business – Calendar Cards could be the answer?

Marketing is an expense that most new businesses really struggle with. The first thing new businesses owners do is, often, spend large amounts on getting their websites in place, as it is something they feel they need to do quickly, as they haven’t got the time to master something FREE like a WordPress site.

Once they have their website up and running, they then wonder why they aren’t getting any enquires from their fantastic new ‘singing and dancing’ website. The fact is, the thing that needs the most time and money spent on it is marketing their website to attract business to them, which is often lost on new business owners. Good marketing is really crucial for any business to be successful. If you are also trying to get noticed on Social Media you need to be tweeting, Facebook commenting and LinkedIn posting on a regular basis, otherwise your business will be invisible. If you post on each of these mediums once a day, the chances are Continue reading The Power of Calendar Cards

How to get your Christmas card sending on autopilot!

Would you like your Christmas card sending to be a completely painless experience?  The Christmas season isn’t far away so there is never a better time than now to get yourself all organised and put this easy to use greeting card system in place.  If you lead a busy life this will be ‘music to your ears’, design your card including your own pictures and logos and you don’t even need to write, stamp or post it this is all done for you!

Bah Humbug
Bah Humbug

If you haven’t heard of SendOutCards previously they are Continue reading How to get your Christmas card sending on autopilot!

Have you heard of Link4Growth?

I came across Link4Growth just over a year ago via an old school friend who had launched a Link4Coffee locally. I had done a little business networking before so was intrigued when my friend explained their whole ethos of gathering to nurture, support and connect local people, businesses and the community. They are informal gatherings with no sixty commercial so a great place for people to relax, chat and get to know one another. I was, very much, interested in attending so quickly researched Link4Growth via their website and really liked everything I heard about them.

Link4Growth #L4G Logo
Link4Growth #L4G Logo

Continue reading Have you heard of Link4Growth?

Do you appreciate the simple things in life?


With the world of celebrity culture always, being shown to us on the television and in the newspapers, it is very easy to get swept away thinking that a more affluent life would make our lives really perfect. We are often brought up from a very young age to work hard at school, to secure a good job to earn money to go on fantastic holidays and ultimately end-up in the house of our dreams. Is this a healthy way for children to be brought up?

The old saying “money doesn’t buy you everything” is true in that it can’t buy you happiness but, I think you will agree, the one thing money can do is buy you choices in life. However, as you go through life, when do you know that you have got to the point of having enough money?

Many years ago, after leading an extremely healthy life, I suddenly found myself in hospital, for a relatively short period of time, with a really serious illness. It was a complete shock to me and the first time Continue reading Do you appreciate the simple things in life?

Grow Your Network Marketing or Small Business Through Appreciation Marketing