Business Appreciation Cards

In this day and age of technology t is very easy when in business to think that the only way to connect and communicate with our business contacts is via Social Media and E-Mail and not to use business appreciation cards. Don’t forget the good old fashioned greeting card which has been in existence since the 1800s is also a great way to stay in touch. Sometimes the old ways of communicating are the best, especially if you use cards as a way to personally connect with your business contacts rather than just sell to them.

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Reasons to Send Cards

Here are some reasons to send cards to your business contacts which you may not have thought of:

To keep in touch:
Thank You for your product re-order
Customer 6 month follow-up
3 month re-order reminder
Anniversary renewal reminder
Thank you for attending our open day
Repeat appointment – reminder to book
Company announcements
Thank you for your business

Referral Thank You
Referral Thank You Card

To build relationships:
Happy Birthday
Life events: birth of babies, new home, new job, retirement, sympathy, etc.
Referrals – ask who else do they know who they could refer to you?
Invitation to a coffee morning

It was great to meet you
We’d like your opinion
Before and after portfolio pictures

Team building:
Invite guests to a Team Meeting
Team recognition
New recruit training campaign
Recognition for great sales week/month
Motivate team members competing in a challenge or contest
Encouragement for a tough week
Celebrate a great week
To acknowledge a generous spirit
Congratulations on a promotion
Happy Anniversary in your company

There are many more reasons, besides those listed above, but even if you used just a few of these ideas to re-connect with your business contacts I think you would be surprised at what a significant impact this would have on your business by adding that extra personal touch.

If you would like to find out more about using this type of marketing in your business please connect with me at or Twitter: @NickyClaydon and I will do all I can to help.