Calling all Photographers, Artists and Designers

If you are a professional or amateur photographer, artist or designer, I thought I would write this blog especially for you!

When standing back from an amazing picture you’ve just drawn, taken on your camera or designed an image for a client have you ever thought or wished that there was an easy way of transferring these images onto a greeting card or sharing them on Social Media to showcase your work.

With regard to cards, it might have been something that you have already thought about and approached/discussed with a local printer but then decided against it as the set-up costs were completely untenable for you to even think about it.

Nicky Claydon and Family
Nicky Claydon and Family Photo Card

What if:

~ There was a system that could allow you to transfer your images to a card as simply as posting images to Facebook.

~ You could download your images to create a card and then share it to Social Media on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter or include it in an E-mail for people to then send it immediately and for your to earn a commission.

~ Once created, you could have a whole catalogue to showcase your work and with one link you could share it for all your Social Media contacts to view.

~ You could offer your contacts the opportunity to send a card and for it to be printed, stamped and posted direct to them, or an addressee of their choice, without them having to leave their sofa.

~ There was an easy option for your contacts to pay for a single one-off card to be sent.

~ Monthly budget plans were offered so that your contacts can secure cards at an even cheaper price point or if they didn’t want this commitment they could Pay-As-You-Go.

~ Your contacts had the facility to send from 1 to 100s of cards using a FREE campaign facility.

~The cost of a card is only £1.25 including postage to anywhere in the world at the highest price point.

~ You or your contacts have connections in the US, Australia or New Zealand the price of postage reduces still further as you only pay for the cards to be sent across state rather than internationally, making cards even cheaper to send.

~ You could earn an additional revenue stream by receiving a commission from all the cards you’ve created or shared on Social Media and are sent by you or your contacts.

~ It didn’t matter where you or your contacts are located, the card system can be used anywhere in the world.

This technology is here, just not many people know about it as it is very new to the UK. This is what the on-line greeting company that I promote does and this technology is open to anyone to use not just businesses.

If you or someone you might know would like details of this great system, with no contracts or tie-ins, please do not hesitate to get in touch via my email or connect with me via Facebook: or Twitter: @NickyClaydon


Photograph above By Rachel Armes Photography.  .