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There’s no place quite like a garden

One of the things that makes my ‘soul sing’ is spending time in my garden. I have always loved gardening and in my previous houses have had fairly small gardens to tend, so was extremely fortunate, on my last move, to inherit a larger well-established garden from the previous owner of our house. I find the more time I spend in it the happier it makes me, and there really is no place quite like it when the birds are singing on a sunny day like it was last Sunday.

Nicky's Garden
There’s no place like a garden

Whilst a garden isn’t something everyone wants or Continue reading There’s no place quite like a garden

Have you heard of Link4Growth?

I came across Link4Growth just over a year ago via an old school friend who had launched a Link4Coffee locally. I had done a little business networking before so was intrigued when my friend explained their whole ethos of gathering to nurture, support and connect local people, businesses and the community. They are informal gatherings with no sixty commercial so a great place for people to relax, chat and get to know one another. I was, very much, interested in attending so quickly researched Link4Growth via their website and really liked everything I heard about them.

Link4Growth #L4G Logo
Link4Growth #L4G Logo

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Do you appreciate the simple things in life?


With the world of celebrity culture always, being shown to us on the television and in the newspapers, it is very easy to get swept away thinking that a more affluent life would make our lives really perfect. We are often brought up from a very young age to work hard at school, to secure a good job to earn money to go on fantastic holidays and ultimately end-up in the house of our dreams. Is this a healthy way for children to be brought up?

The old saying “money doesn’t buy you everything” is true in that it can’t buy you happiness but, I think you will agree, the one thing money can do is buy you choices in life. However, as you go through life, when do you know that you have got to the point of having enough money?

Many years ago, after leading an extremely healthy life, I suddenly found myself in hospital, for a relatively short period of time, with a really serious illness. It was a complete shock to me and the first time Continue reading Do you appreciate the simple things in life?

Sailing is my Passion!

Sailing is my passion! What’s your’s?

I was recently sitting contemplating how life has changed for me over the last 15 years and I smiled a big smile to myself at how life can be so different, but not in a bad way in a really good way. It’s very easy to be stereotyped by people you have around you and often they really don’t know you at all, which does amuse me.

My passion now is very much my husband and two boys, but 15 years ago my life was very different. My husband has always been my number one priority but then something huge came into my life, apart from my career, which was sailing. Continue reading Sailing is my Passion!

My Story

Hi, I’m Nicky Claydon and I thought it would be nice to share My Story with you. Thank you for visiting my blog.  I hope you enjoy reading about my personal journey into On-Line Network Marketing after initially having a home based Direct Sales Business.

Nicky Claydon
Nicky Claydon

Network Marketing/Direct sales was something that was never really Continue reading My Story