target marketing

Connecting with your Target Market

Have you considered whether or not you are using the right method(s) of communication to ensure you are connecting with your ideal Target Market?  Or are the methods you’re using a bit random, to say the least!

target marketing
Connect with your Target Market

One thing you really need to do is to ensure that the marketing message you are conveying is connecting with the ideal prospect/customer who will buy from you.  Your product or service will not suit everyone’s needs so you need to ensure that you are putting your marketing message in the right places to connect with the right prospects/customers.

There is no 100% correct answer with regard to the best channels you can use to reach your target audience but what you can be certain of is that the method that is right for one business will not be for another.

For example if your business is a retail shop you would want to run a local advertising campaign not a national one as your ideal clients are people from the local community who will buy from you on a regular basis.  For this type of business, the ideal thing, initially, would be to place an advert in a local business directory and/or a small local newspaper and to attend a local business networking group.

You need to set some time aside to think about how your perfect prospect/customer gets information in order to buy a product/service such as yours. What channels of communication would they use: online search engines such as Google, YouTube, Periscope, local business directories/newspapers, direct marketing leaflets, bill boards, television, radio, etc?

Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal prospect/customer and consider, if you knew nothing at all about your product/service, what you would use in order to connect with someone who provides what you do.

Again, along with identifying your perfect prospects’/customers’ needs, this is something that many new business owners and even established business owners forget to do. Is this something you’ve omitted to think of? If so, by carrying out this simple exercise this could make you realise that you have been concentrating your marketing efforts in completely the wrong place! If you find out this is the case, make the change now – you’ll be pleased you did.

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Nicky Claydon @NickyClaydon