Different ideas to use greeting cards

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that greeting cards are only for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries or Mother’s Day, so I thought I would write this blog to give you different ideas to use greetings other than these occasions.

One thing that I really get a buzz out of is showing people how they can use cards to enhance their relationships not only personally but in business too, for different situations other than the reasons above.

There is also not just the traditional two panel card that can be sent. You can send postcards, trifold cards and even A4 big cards to make your card really stand out. So you can see there is more than just one type of card to send.

3 Panel Card
3 Panel Card

One thing that has made a difference in many customer’s lives is something called The Gratitude Challenge. This is where you decide to send a heartfelt card for 30 consecutive days to someone you really care about or who has made a huge impact in your life. This can have an amazing and profound effect on the recipient of the card, and in some instances has brought people back together who haven’t spoken to each other for many years.

Gratitude Challenge
Gratitude Challenge

I am very fortunate that many of my business connections have quickly seen the advantage of sending cards to their contacts and how easily they can be incorporated into their current marketing strategy. Here are a few examples of how they have done this:

A lady Mortgage Broker uses the cards to send a card once her applicant(s) complete on their new homes and sends them a “Welcome to Your New Home” card. She also sends “Thank You for Your Referral” cards when someone passes her a referral and includes a Gift Card inside as a thank you to encourage even more referrals.

I have a customer who is a Travel Consultant who uses our stock cards, incorporating travel related pictures, and sends a card just prior to her customer’s departure wishing them a “Happy Holiday”. She also sends them a further card, upon their return, asking them if they had a nice holiday and requesting their feedback on their trip.

Photographers find the card system particularly useful for their clients. I have a photographer who downloads his favourite image, after a sitting, and sends a card to inform when the pictures are ready to view on his website. It is great for his customer(s) to receive a card with their picture on, which they can keep to show to their family and friends in advance of receiving their pictures or album. He also sends a photograph on his brides’ 1st anniversaries. This is a great way to be remembered for future assignments if the client or client’s friends have a wedding, new born baby, christening, etc. to photograph.

This is a testimonial that I recently received from one of the photographers who uses my on-line greeting card system:

“I’m so thankful to Nicky for introducing me to this fantastic marketing tool for my photography business. The whole process is user friendly and it is quick and simple to create a card to send to clients, friends & family. I love my client database and e-mail reminder system that I have free with my account. I am sent a reminder for birthdays, anniversaries, etc., so I never miss an opportunity to send a card – a great way to stay connected to past and present clients. I highly recommend this on-line greeting card system and Nicky’s help on setting-up my account and for her friendly & helpful advice. Thank you Nicky. Rachel”

Rachel Armes Photography www.rachelarmesphotography.co.uk

If you or someone you might know would like details of this great system, please do not hesitate to get in touch via email or connect with me via Facebook: facebook.com/nicky.claydon.9 or Twitter: NickyClaydon

Kind regards until next time Nicky..