Do I need to consider a Plan B?

Why do people decide to start a Direct Sales / Network MarketingBusiness?


Living The Dream – What’s Your Plan B?

People often decide to start a Direct Sales / Network Marketing business for one or more of the following reasons:

~ Unhappy in their current job or it is unsecure
~ Burnout – people often want to get away from working longs hours for employers or running stressful businesses
~ Retirement funds are often falling short of expectations
~ Mortgages are taking longer to pay off due to high housing prices
~ Desire for a better work/life balance
~ Ladies not wanting to return to work after having a baby but want a part time income
~ Mums working who want something more flexible which enables them to do the school run
~ The socialising aspect of this business
~ Love the products, recommended to them by others, and realise they should earn some money at the same time for recommending the products to their network
~ Would like an on-line business they can run from home, or anywhere in the world, with internet access and have a global business
~ Want to build a legacy to hand over to their children

There are many more reasons, in addition to these, and it is not only Generation X but also Generation Y that are deciding to consider this type of business model.

So who are Generation X and Generation Y?

Generation X came after the Baby Boomer generation (who were born after the 2nd World War) and typically covers the generation who were born between the mid-1960s and the early 1980s. Generation X was shaped mainly by global political events that occurred during this generation’s youth.

Generation Y are the Millennial Generation (also known as the Millennials) and are the children born after Generation X from the 1980s to the early 2000s. They are young, intelligent and confident of their own abilities and not pre-conditioned by the traditional business model conveyed to them, as they grew up, by their parents who were of the generation who were taught that you go to school, get a good education in order to secure a well-paid job. It must be said, that you can never go wrong with a good education but for university graduates today jobs are much more difficult to secure than previous generations found. With the changing economic climate and resulting work place changes it mean jobs are no longer as secure as they once were and pensions cannot be relied upon like they used to be so the younger generation are looking for other avenues of making a living. Generation Y are much more open to other ways of doing business than those of their Generation X parents and Baby Boomer grand-parents generations. They are extremely computer literate, entrepreneurial and love socialising and community and are, therefore, so much more open to looking at other ways of making an income.

Many people now are considering this type of employment, working between 5-10 hours per week on a consistent basis, alongside what they currently do, in order to have an additional income. Once they have built their business to a certain level they can then make the decision as to whether it is something they would like to do full-time, thus giving them the option to give-up what they are currently doing, i.e. a Plan B. Do you have a Plan B? If you haven’t perhaps it is something worth considering. It may not be Network Marketing but something different altogether, but the sooner you get a plan of action in place to make it happen, if you are unhappy with what you are currently doing, the better.

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