Harvesting contact details for your business

How good are you at harvesting contact details for your business?

staying in touch
Ensure you stay in touch!

Often business owners miss the relevance of collecting useful data but this is something that is really important, especially if you want to build a relationship with your contacts in order to obtain future referrals and repeat business.

Often we, all too often, collect business cards at networking events, or similar meetings, only to find that when we return to the office that the e-mail address or postal address, that we need, is missing from the business card. How annoying is this!

Something which is really easy, in overcoming this, is to have a supply of small printed cards which incorporate all the information you need to stay in touch personally with your contacts, as per the example below:

contact harvesting
I Need Your Address!






When you meet someone that you know you definitely want to keep in touch with, pass them your information card and ask them to complete it telling them that you like to keep in touch with people you meet at networking events personally.  You will find that your new prospect will be more than happy to oblige in providing you with these details.

It maybe that you have the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of your existing business connections but not their postal address or date of birth, which is needed if you intend to send them birthday and/or Christmas cards.  If this is the case, you could send them the following e-mail or text to re-connect with them and get them to provide you with their details as follows:

Hi ____

I hope you are keeping well.

Keeping in touch with my customers, on a personal level, is really important to me.  In an effort to do a better job staying in touch with you, I’d like to update your postal address in my records.   By the way, here’s my contact information if you should need me at any time…

[Enter your details here including full postal address and telephone number(s)]

I also like to send birthday cards to my business contacts, so please also let me have a note of your birthday.  Mine is …………….

Can you please send the same information back to me about you so we can keep in touch? Thank you so much.

 With warm regards

[Your Name]

If you would like the template to print the address information cards please send me an e-mail and I will be more than happy to provide this for you in order for you to print these off.

Another way that you could collect this information is by creating a Google+ Form and then directing your business contacts to the link for completion.

I hope you have found this post useful in giving you a few ideas of how you can obtain all the information you need to connect with your contacts on a more personal level.  If you’ve found this useful please do comment below.

Until next time,

Nicky @NickyClaydon.