Have you heard of Link4Growth?

I came across Link4Growth just over a year ago via an old school friend who had launched a Link4Coffee locally. I had done a little business networking before so was intrigued when my friend explained their whole ethos of gathering to nurture, support and connect local people, businesses and the community. They are informal gatherings with no sixty commercial so a great place for people to relax, chat and get to know one another. I was, very much, interested in attending so quickly researched Link4Growth via their website www.link4growth.biz and really liked everything I heard about them.

Link4Growth #L4G Logo
Link4Growth #L4G Logo

The Chelmsford group was struggling with a venue and my friend asked if I would be interested in finding a venue locally for the group to continue in the area. It needed to be somewhere central with good parking facilities so I decided that on the outskirts of Chelmsford would be the best as car parking in town is always difficult. I approached various places but the place that was most suitable was the local community centre. This is also a not-for-profit profit organisation run by the local parish council, for the benefit of people locally, so was really perfect as it runs in parallel to Link4Growth’s ethos.

The Chelmsford Link4Coffee group has now been running for nearly a year and is held on the second Monday every month. I am very proud to be the Community Leader of this group, on a voluntary basis, as I have lived in the village most of my life and it is great to give something back. It has been supported very much by local business owners and, in particular, Maldon Business Networking. We are always encouraging members of the local community to attend too and get involved. On average there are approximately 20-25 people in attendance with the highest turn-out being 42. It is part of the East Essex Link4Growth community and there are two other groups: one at Hadleigh Park, Southend and the other in Braintree. You can connect with the Link4Growth East Essex Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/Link4GrowthEssex

Link4Growth is a national organisation so a great way for anyone in local business or the community to connect for the benefit of all. There are no geographical restrictions so it is open to all to attend. You can subscribe to Link4Growth for as little as £3 per month which gives you all sorts of benefits including the ability to reach out to other Link4Growth members not only locally but nationally. By joining it enables you to:

~ Build and deepen relationships via their forum
~ Access to the foundation engagement programme
~ Raise your profile and extend your reach
~ Have free advice and support
~ Gain discounts and deals (very useful when booking one of their training courses)
~ Be the proud owner of the legendary Link4Growth Name Badge!

If this sounds like something that would be of interest to you I would encourage you to find out where your local Link4Breakfast, Link4Coffee, Link4Drinks, Link4Curry, Link4Skills is via the Link4Growth website at: www.link4growth/biz and pop along to one of their meetings. All meetings are registered on Eventbrite so you can also see who is going to be in attendance beforehand, enabling you to focus on who you’d like to get to know when you get there. There is always a great atmosphere and it is a great place to make connections in a really relaxed setting. You will be pleased you did!

Until next time. Nicky.