Stay in touch

How often to stay in touch with contacts

Sometimes it really isn’t easy when deciding how often to stay in touch with contacts.  In any business there is a fine line between keeping in touch with your business contacts and becoming an annoying pest who is constantly in touch via every different medium.

Stay in touch
How often do you stay in touch?

Let’s take a closer look at timings and different methods of keeping in touch:


A monthly e-mail newsletter is perfect for not only retaining your current clients but also for cultivating new relationships with your prospects. A consistent monthly newsletter will be welcomed if it includes new product announcements and tips for using your product or service as well as keeping you in your business contacts’ minds. You may prefer to send a direct mailing instead so that they retain a physical copy of your monthly information so they have it to hand to read at a later date or to pass on to someone they know.


Rather than sending a newsletter quarterly you could use an alternative method of keeping in touch; say a postcard, greeting card, gift or discount coupon to ‘ring the changes’.


Sending a Christmas card or New Year card once a year will remind your business contacts that you are still in business, but it will do very little else to nurture your relationship with them. Staying in touch annually should be the absolute bear minimum and if you fail to keep in touch just once annually then, to be frank, you deserve to lose your clients and be assured that THAT WILL HAPPEN.

Using Social Media

With lots of different social media channels it is now very easy to keep in touch, at random times, to let your clients know that you are thinking of them and will connect with them on a much more personal level. A nice post on your client’s Facebook Page, Twitter or LinkedIn feed, out of the blue, is another really good way of staying connected with them and keep you on their radar.

If you are concerned that you might ‘turn-off’ clients by contacting them too much how about simply asking your business contacts how often they would like to hear from you.  A simple check box on their application/registration form giving them the options of monthly, quarterly, six monthly or annual contact could be included or when you complete their customer information sheet you could ask them verbally. This would then help you determine how they feel about this so that you don’t run the risk of annoying them in the future by contacting them too often.

So how often are you keeping in touch with your business connections? Is it too little or too much? If you are concerned you could always use a survey to determine your current contacts preferences to gauge the average consensus of opinion and offer a free-prize draw for all answers returned as an incentive to complete the survey.

Think about when was the last time you contacted one of your customers just because. Do you remember an instance? I challenge you to let me know when that was by commenting below.

Until next time,

Nicky @NickyClaydon