Corporate gifts

How to use corporate gifts to promote your business


People will always appreciate receiving corporate gifts, especially if sent after receiving a referral, and they are also really effective in promoting your business. You can use branded or un-branded items – it is entirely up to you. Things that are useful to use or edible, such as mugs, umbrellas, cookies or chocolates, are always well received.

Corporate gifts
4 Pack of Brownies

So what are some benefits of sending corporate gifts:

  • Goodwill and customer loyalty can be instilled
  • Can remind your contacts that you are still in business
  • They can encourage and motivate referrals especially if customers know they will receive a gift
  • If branded they can help raise awareness of your business in order to remind people to re-purchase
  • Many promotional gifts are actually useful or, if not useful to the receiver, will be passed on
  • Will often encourage your contacts to re-connect
  • Can attract new clients and customers at trade shows

Types of branded corporate gifts you could consider:

  • Book Marks
  • Calendars
  • Diaries
  • Jotter pads
  • Mugs
  • Notepads
  • Paper weights
  • Pens

Discount Coupons

These are useful to use if you don’t have a huge advertising budget as they only cost you your time. They can be included in a greeting card, so are relatively cheap to issue, and can bring in some much needed revenue especially if they are sent prior to times in the year when you know that business is sometimes quiet.

That extra personal touch

Previously I’ve talked about the importance of collecting small snippets of personal information from your business contacts, when initially meeting them, and noting the details on their customer information sheet so that you can use this information effectively at a later date.   When sending a gift to a customer it is always incredibly well received if you have put in some additional thought with regard to what you know their interests/likes are. For example, if they are keen rugby fans and you are able to obtain or are given some rugby tickets for a good match, then why not gift them to the customer you know is a really huge rugby fan. These will be particularly well received and make them appreciate and remember you.

Branded gifts are a great way to promote your company. However, unbranded gifts are often better received as they feel more personal to the receiver and aren’t salesy. Whatever, you decide to send it is always a nice gesture that reminds your business contacts that you are thinking of them and focusing on building a relationship with them.

Is this something you have considered using for your business and, if so, have you had success promoting your business in this way? Please do comment below to let me know how you’ve got on, especially with your success stories.

Until next time,

Nicky @NickyClaydon.