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Hi, I’m Nicky Claydon and I thought it would be nice to share My Story with you. Thank you for visiting my blog.  I hope you enjoy reading about my personal journey into On-Line Network Marketing after initially having a home based Direct Sales Business.

Nicky Claydon
Nicky Claydon

Network Marketing/Direct sales was something that was never really on my radar having had a bad introduction to a Network Marketing company, via close family friends, in the 1990s. After having my children I was fortunate enough to be a full-time stay at home Mum but after my husband was made redundant, when my youngest son was a month old, we quickly needed for me to earn an additional income which would fit around our very young family. After searching for an appropriate job, I quickly realised that the price of childcare for a new born baby and before and after school care for my oldest son would practically wipe out any earnings that I might make so was going to be completely unviable.

This was where my Direct Sales journey began. Having attended an in-home party at a friend’s house, I realised that by becoming a distributor this could be a way of having the best of both worlds as my husband could look after the children in the evenings and I could hold parties to earn the extra income we needed.

The prospect of becoming a distributor was scary, to say the least, as my no. 1 fear in my previous career had always been with regard to standing-up presenting to people. After my initial trepidation, which anyone would feel as a new distributor, I soon realised if you have a great product to sell and are passionate about the benefits of your product, the product almost sells itself. I was very fortunate to have a very supportive group of friends who offered to have my first parties for me and I learnt how to have a constant flow of party bookings through the great training I received from my up-line.

After a number of years, where I was out virtually out every night of the week, the dynamics of our family changed as my admin role in my husband’s company grew bigger, which he started after being made redundant, and my boys needed me more to help them with their homework, etc., at night. Going out in the evenings become more and more untenable and something needed to give. I, therefore, decided that I needed to get away from evenings out party planning to concentrate more on my family. Giving-up party plan was a ‘double edged sword’ for me as, although I wanted to be there for my family the one thing I loved, in addition to the extra part-time income, was the social side of being a distributor. I had also single handedly built myself a very successful business which meant a lot to me after having a successful career in insurance which I gave up prior to having my children.

I decided that I still wanted something for me, so looked at having a business which didn’t take me away from home but I could utilise all the skills and contacts I had acquired over my party planning years. This is when I discovered the on-line greeting card company, which I now currently work for, promoting a unique low cost system whereby users can send a real physical card without leaving the comfort of their home and at an extremely competitive price point.

It offered a product that could be used by everyone (it wasn’t just limited to women who I dealt with predominantly in my previous business), it was open in 7 countries globally (so not limited to recruiting people just locally) , there is no auto-ship unless you decide that you would like to buy the product on a monthly basis at a preferential rate (so no stock to hold in one’s garage!) and the product would also be attractive for people not to use just personally but in their business dealings too. I looked into finding lots out about the company over a three month period. I found out that it was privately owned, was a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and had a good track-record over a 10 year period, has massive growth potential and great systems and training in place. So after doing my due diligence I decided to join. It has been a huge learning curve as an on-line network marketing business is very different to a direct sales business, but I was hooked from the start as the product is high quality, inexpensive and attractive to everyone and I am enjoying every minute of building my on-line home business.

My blog is here to help anyone who has never tried on-line Network Marketing before (like me) including the un-employed, current network marketers, young mums/dads, the retired and those seeking extra cash or a 2nd income with information on how to get started to build a business, lead a team, hold opportunity meetings and much more, plus sharing what I do in a day too.

I also hope to inspire any old school Multi-Level Marketers to show them how they can build their businesses, not only offline, but with online methods too utilising Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram, so that their business can be introduced to a whole new audience of prospects.

Does any of his appeal to you? If so, please come back and visit my blog and/or if you’d like any information on starting your own on-line greeting card business please get in touch so we can talk about how you might benefit from working and building a future alongside myself.