Photographers Behind the Lens

Whilst promoting my card business over the last year, I have had the privilege of meeting or connecting, via Social Media, with some amazing photographers who work wonders behind the lens. What I love about them all is that they each have their own unique style and specialisms.

Photography is such an art form and now we have Facebook at our fingertips we are so fortunate as it is a great place for photographers to share their work. I thought that I would use today’s blog to showcase these wonderful photographers, tell you a little bit about them and let you know what I personally love about their pictures. When you view their websites you might see different photographs that appeal to you but, there is no doubt about it, all of them take absolutely stunning photographs. Please find them detailed below and I’d just like to add that they are in no particular order:

David Bland of Bassett Photography – David is a full-time independent professional photographer based in Epping, Essex specialising in weddings, portraits and commercial photography. My favourite shot of David’s is of a bride and groom where the bride’s dress is twirling around her like in the 1950s dance hall shots.

Martin Newman of M Newman Photography – Martin is an amateur photographer based in Essex. Most of Martin’s work is nature, landscape and wildlife based. My favourite shot of Martin’s is of a coastal shot of a fishing boat taken in Sennen Cove, Cornwall, England.

Tracy Williams of Tracy Williams Photography – Tracy is a full-time professional photographer based in Essex who concentrates on wedding and lifestyle photography. Tracy recently took some fantastic portrait pictures of me and has a wonderful way of making you feel relaxed when taking your photograph, even when you don’t feel that way. My favourite photo, besides my own shot, of Tracy’s is a princess photo shoot she did where the child was wearing a tiara and fairy dust was super-imposed onto the images.

Nicky Claydon photo by Tracy Williams
Nicky Claydon photo by Tracy Williams

Rachel Armes of Rachel Armes Photography – Rachel is a full-time professional photographer based in both Essex and Watford and specialises in portrait, wedding and commercial photography. My favourite photo of Rachel’s is the shot of my own family taken by Rachel in a small footpath near to our house where I used to play as a child. This photo has been featured in a previous blog of mine. Rachel has a wonderful way of getting the best shots possible of children, even when they are grumpy as my youngest child was at the end of the shoot. Rachel also took the photos of me on the front page of my website. Another shot I love of Rachel’s is one of a bride’s wedding in Italy where she is photographed in the Cloisters with her vail swirling in the wind.

Linda Scannell of Linda Scannell Photography – Linda is a full-time professional photographer based in Warwick, Warwickshire who specialises in fine art, weddings, family and commercial photography. My favourite shot of Linda’s is one of her pet portraits of a beautiful British Blue cat which won a Bronze Award in a recent Guild of Photographers competition.

Faith Stone McNitt of Faith Stone Photography – Faith is a full-time professional photographer based in Burnham, Essex who originates from The States and has a lovely American accent. Faith specialises in weddings, portraits, pets, baby bumps, commercial and editorial photography. Faith has a wonderful service called The Teens Ambassador Program for teens age 13-18. After their photo shoot they are presented with a Signature Book, including their shoot photos with space for their friends and family to write special messages in to keep as a memento. My favourite shot of Faith’s is of a bride and groom kissing where the groom is in military uniform and the brides vail is blowing in the wind.

I hope you enjoy looking at some of the incredible shots from these amazing photographers. We have some very talented people here in the UK. Would love to hear who your favourite photographer is, if you have one, and what your favourite picture is.

Until next time, Nicky..