Postcard Marketing for profits

Have you ever considered Postcard Marketing for profits?

A little old-fashioned you might think but, whatever you feel about this type of marketing, the one thing it does ensure is a 100% open rate as someone will always look at the reverse of the postcard to see who it is from.  Here are some interesting facts:

~ Due to the high volumes of e-mails people receive nowadays, approximately 85% of e-mails are un-opened or deleted.
~ The main reason your customers stop doing business with you is because, often, they simply forget that you are in business. If you do not keep in contact with your customers in one year you will lose 68% of them through perceived indifference.
~ 80% of people make a buying decision do so between the 5th – 12th contact.

Have You Sent A Card Today
Have You Sent A Card Today

So if your customers receive a postcard which has a great photo on the front, is high-quality and with a compelling call to action on the reverse it will, almost certainly, be well received, especially if you are offering a discount on a product!

This type of marketing is not only good for traditional businesses but also for anyone with a Direct Sales/Network Marketing Business, to ensure that they not only keep in touch with their customers but their team members too.

There are lots of different things postcards can be used for. Here are some ideas of how you could incorporate them into your marketing strategy:

~ New product launch announcement offering a discount
~ VIP customer invitations
~ Product re-order reminder
~ Customer 6 month follow-up
~ Customer or team member welcome
~ Customer re-activation offer
~ Open day invitations
~ Team recognition

There are many more things you can use postcards for, in addition to these, and if you would like any guidance on how you could incorporate this type of marketing into your business please do not hesitate to contact me via: when I will do all I can to assist you.

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