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I thought it would be helpful for many to read a review of Send Out Cards UK.  To give you some background information, if you aren’t aware already, Send Out Cards is an on-line greeting card and gifting company which sends a real physical card, it is privately owned, founded in 2003 by its owner Kody Bateman and based in Salt Lake City, Utah, US. The cards are printed on high gloss, re-cycled paper, they are sent direct on your behalf (so need to visit the post office) and you can also include your own handwriting font. There are no contracts or minimums and you also have your own FREE Contact Reminder Manager (CRM) and FREE e-mail memory jogger system upon becoming a customer.

Should I Join SendOutCards?
Should I Join SendOutCards?

Send Out Cards has now started its International expansion. As well as the US, Send Out Cards is open for people to start a business with Send Out Cards as a Distributor in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom. If you join Send Out Cards outside of the US you are employed by Send Out Cards in the US (not your country of origin).

Before you join SendOutCards here are some things you need to know and consider:

Do You Like The Product?

Unless you are PASSIONATE and ENTHUSIASTIC about the product, customers won’t buy from you and you won’t last long. If you love the product and think that you can promote it with tonnes of enthusiasm then sign-up but not otherwise. If you are not passionate about the product/service find something else.

Can You Cope With Rejection?

Network Marketing is a very different business model to the one which we are all taught from childhood of going to school, securing good exam results, getting a secure job and then retiring on a good pension i.e. ‘a proper job’. Network Marketing is a sound business model but one that takes time to build and often, through misconceptions of Network Marketing, you will face negativity and rejection along the path of building your business. You must be prepared for this and if you think it is something you would not be able to cope with then do not join a Network Marketing company However, if this is not a worry to you and you feel that you can build a business by being enthusiastic and committed, which fits around your lifestyle, then go ahead.

Does the compensation plan reward everyone or just those at the top when the company launched?

The compensation is paid out to all levels, not just those who joined the company first, and is dependent upon each level of qualification criteria being met. The way the compensation plan works is by you earning additional commissions from those you share the Send Out Cards system with.

Is there a proven marketing system in place that will help you generate leads and recruit people?

When joining as a Marketing Distributor all the training materials you need can be found via your own replicated website in the form of PDF downloads and video tutorials and, of course, help from your up-line. There are also many senior leaders within Send Out Cards who are happy for new Distributors, whether they are in their team or not, to access all their training materials too, so there is never a shortage of material to help you develop your business to whatever level you wish to build it.

Does it have a monthly subscription?

Yes, Send Out Cards does have a monthly subscription but it is not compulsory for you to take this subscription out, that is entirely your decision. The monthly subscription is useful though as it allows you to send cards at a really competitive price point to your contacts in order to market your business and counts towards your monthly qualification for bonuses. You can sign customers up to use cards without having to pay a monthly subscription yourself. Customers who choose to use the system can send a one-off individual card, have a Pay-As-You-Go account or one of two monthly subscriptions. The lower monthly subscription costs $9.80 per month for lower volume users who send around 10 cards per month (98c per card) and the higher subscription is for high volume users such as businesses.

Is there a residual income plan?

Yes, Send Out Cards can provide a residual income but, as with any Network Marketing company that you may join, it takes on average at least 3-5 years working consistently part-time at your Send Out Cards business before you would be earning enough money to give up your full-time position. You need to keep working at your full-time position until your part-time income rises to a level to replace your full-time income and not give up your full-time job before you get to this point. Network Marketing is something that you build OVER TIME, without quitting on the bad days. Over time, working consistently on a daily basis, it is possible for anyone to find enough people which will enable you to build a huge organisation but only if you STICK at it and are committed to making it a success.  Remember “success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal~ Earl Nightingale.

Is the person who introduced you a close friend or family member?

Choosing your up-line is VERY important. Sometimes it is much easier not to work with someone you know, but this decision is entirely yours. However, it can work out extremely well with someone you are on good terms with and it is worth remembering that your up-line does not determine your success – YOU DO. If you aren’t comfortable with how your up-line operates don’t let your up-line define you or dictate your results. Find tools and resources to learn the business and apply these new skills. If your up-line leaves don’t fret about it, there will always be someone at a senior level who will be happy to mentor you, just be pro-active and find someone willing to help you. All successful people within the industry love to help new distributors who are motivated and keen to learn, even if they are not in their team.

Do you need to have a large existing network of people you could contact?

It is true to say that it is far easier to make a good start in Network Marketing if you already have a good network of people that you are able to approach to offer your product/service. If you do not have lots of contacts trying to encourage your family and friends to either use your product or join your business can be ‘an uphill struggle’. It must be remembered that the main reason people leave Network Marketing quickly is due to the high level of rejection from family and friends so when joining a company you need to ‘bear this in mind’ from the start so it is easier to cope with. If you have an existing business this is definitely an advantage when starting your Send Out Cards business as you can often recommend the SendOutCards Relationship Marketing Service to your business contacts to use to increase sales and profits in their business. If you don’t have lots of connections this can be overcome by joining groups or clubs to meet more people – consider business networking or meet-up groups, for example, as ways to make new connections, at the same time as socialising.

What does it cost to join?

Marketing Distributorship: you can join as a Marketing Distributor for $50 (approx. £35 GBP dependent upon prevailing exchange rate). You are provided with your own Send Out Cards website, bonus points for free card sending to market your business, 10 free accounts to offer to people you feel would be interested in using the card system for their personal use, together with personal training/full support.

Send Out Cards Testimonials from Top Business Leaders

Ivan Misner – Businessman, Philanthropist and best-selling Author (Founder & Chairman of Business Networking Intl [BNI]: “Every time you make a personal connection you are networking. So why not store some blank cards and stamps in your car and in your briefcase? That way when you do find those few minutes of underutilised time, you’ll have a card ready to write on and drop into the next mailbox you see. OK, OK, so you just won’t do a handwritten card no matter what I say. Then take a look at Send Out Cards. They allow you to send out a card that looks handwritten but can be done from your computer and sent through the mail. This is a great service for the “handwriting impaired”, like me. I highly recommend this service.”

Harvey McKay – Businessman, Speaker and Author of top selling book Swim with the Sharks without Being Eaten alive: “Bottom line: Business is all about building relationships. If you want to make more money and enjoy more lifestyle, you have to build better relationships than the next person. Send Out Cards helps to do that both personally and professionally. It’s the first company I have ever endorsed because it fits perfectly with my philosophy. You would have to be crazy not to use it.”

Tom Hopkins – Top Real Estate Agent, Speaker and Author: “Because I understood that building relationships is what selling is all about, I began early in my career to send thank you notes to people. In fact, I set a goal to send ten thank you notes every day. That goal meant that I had to meet and get the contact information for at least ten people every day. I sent thank you notes to people I met briefly, people I showed properties to, people I talked with on the telephone, and people I actually helped to own new homes. I became a thank you note fool. …..And guess what happened? By the end of my third year in sales, my business was 98% referral …”

How Long Do Cards Take To Arrive?

If the addressee of the card is resident in the US, Australia or New Zealand then cards are usually received within 2 working days of sending. With the distribution centre being in the US, countries outside of the US have to factor a delivery time of between 5/7 working days for delivery to their country of origin. However, with the free Contact Manager System it is easy to factor the delivery times in with the length of delivery being easily out-weighed by how reasonable the cards are to send including postal charges.

To Summarise

Before joining any Network Marketing/Direct Sales company you need to take time in researching the company before making an informed decision to join. You need to ensure that you are passionate about the product, there is a compensation plan in place that is fair and rewards you and to choose your up-line carefully. You also need to fully believe in yourself and your own abilities and that this type of business is something you could be committed to for the long-term. This is what will make the difference between your success and failure.

If you know you can help other businesses get amazing results (just like I do) then contact me and we can discuss the opportunity and see if it’s right for you.

Nicky @NickyClaydon.