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Common myths about Network Marketing

There are some very common myths about Network Marketing/Direct Sales due to some unscrupulous companies, in the last 50 years, giving Network Marketing a very bad name as a business model. This has resulted in lots of negative press over this time. Also, throughout our formative years, we are very much taught that a 9am-5am job is the norm, meaning that the concept of being able to work flexibly for yourself as a network marketer is very much Continue reading Common myths about Network Marketing

My Story

Hi, I’m Nicky Claydon and I thought it would be nice to share My Story with you. Thank you for visiting my blog.  I hope you enjoy reading about my personal journey into On-Line Network Marketing after initially having a home based Direct Sales Business.

Nicky Claydon
Nicky Claydon

Network Marketing/Direct sales was something that was never really Continue reading My Story