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Measuring Results of Targeted Marketing

Having defined your target audience and set-up your campaign you then need to determine if you were correct in your assumptions by measuring the results of your Target Marketing.

target marketing
How good is your target marketing campaign?

The one thing you mustn’t do is assume that, having finely tuned everything to find your ‘perfect customer’, it will be only these people who buy from you.  Often this isn’t the case.  You may find that once your campaign is up and running it will be a different audience altogether who end-up buying from you than you originally expected.  An audience that you may have previously completely overlooked. This is where being open to good constructive feedback is so important. The resulting information will arm you with everything you need so that you can see where your leads are coming from and tweak your current set-up to do an even better job of your marketing in the future which will give you even better results.

Ways of Measuring Results

There are lots of different ways of measuring the results of your marketing efforts dependent upon which type of medium you choose to use:

  • Coupon Codes – When advertising or sending out Direct Mail use a coupon code that people quote when they contact you for more information.
  • E-Mail – You could use, say, Get Response or Mail Chimp. Through using their analytics you can track your open rates.
  • Online – use Google analytics, use a Landing Page or use an online feedback programme such as Survey Monkey which is completely FREE to use.
  • Face to Face – meet customers/prospects and ask for their feedback in person.
  • Analysts – employ someone specifically to measure the results of your campaigns.
  • Virtual Assistants (VAs) – if you can’t afford to employ an experienced analyst often VAs are happy to provide a research service for you.

Whatever method you choose, to measure the results, this will be enormously beneficial to your business in order to find out the best/worst method of approach to use for future campaigns and tweak what you do next time for even better results. Otherwise you will be completely in the dark as to what works and what doesn’t, which is a complete waste of your marketing budget.

This may be something that you have overlooked in the past, due to focusing on the one goal of gaining new business at any cost.  If so, now you are fully aware of the importance of ALWAYS ensuring you measure the results of your marketing campaigns.

I hope this post has made you think and, together with the other posts highlighting: being specific, criteria, identifying needs and communication channels, you now have a really clear picture of how you should move forward with your Target Marketing strategy to grow your business exponentially.