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Sometimes it is not all about earning money

When I started my Network Marketing business, little did I realise that it sometimes isn’t all about earning money!  I have been pleasantly surprised to find my business has developed into so much more than just a vehicle for earning an additional income.

Upon joining my company, where I market an on-line greeting card service which sends a real physical card, I didn’t think much further than it being an additional revenue stream which I would fit in with my other commitments.  I very much thought that my customers would be those who wanted to use the system personally to send Birthday, Christmas and other occasion cards to family, friends and others close to them.  It was great that straight away I had quite a few friends who could see the benefit of using a system like this and got me off the ‘starting blocks’.

As my company has very little presence in the UK (another great reason for joining) almost immediately lots of Distributors Continue reading Sometimes it is not all about earning money