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Using Feedback & Referrals for Building Relationships

When it comes to relationship marketing you have several options that can help you perform this task. One way to do this is by building a relationship with your customers by asking for feedback and then when you know they are happy to ask them for referrals. This method works very well and can help you attract new business daily.  By asking your customers for feedback you can gain some insightful information into the workings of your business.

obtaining referrals
Feedback for Referrals

While you may not always like what you hear, it is important to take actions and rectify any major problems that your customer may have experienced. You may be unaware of certain problems, because you aren’t your own customer.   Being open to listening to the insights of your customers is very powerful in allowing you to see things ‘through their eyes’. These people have actually bought and used your product or service so they are qualified to make judgement.

You don’t have to ask every customer for feedback. From time to time you should ask for feedback or even create a survey for this purpose. You could even offer a discount or coupon to those who take the time to complete the survey, as an incentive to reply to your request.

Pay attention to the feedback and follow up by asking further questions, if necessary. You may notice a common theme amongst all the feedback, this can help you identify any weak areas of your business and enable you to rectify any problems which may deter people doing business with you in the future.

Next on to the important subject of referrals and how they can help you build your business. How many times have you found yourself recommending a product or service to someone? Word of mouth referrals is a great tool to utilise for your business.  Now you have ascertained that your customer is happy with you, after obtaining their feedback, it is the perfect time to ask for a referral.

Most people have some type of network and it only takes one person to recommend a product to another person for your network to grow. Take a look at Facebook for example, how many friends do you have? At least 100 or more?  You don’t think twice about sharing something with all of your friends, when it is something you really like. This is the type of concept you want to have in place for your business as it doesn’t cost you anything – IT IS FREE!

If you can develop a good relationship with just one customer, you can gain access to their network of friends. Of course all of these people they know aren’t going to become customers or clients, but you might find one or two will and really that is all you need. You simply work on building a relationship with these and then ‘rinse and repeat’ the process.

Don’t delay, start working on asking for feedback and referrals for your business . Both of these are fantastic tools that can help you quickly grow your business exponentially.

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Nicky @NickyClaydon.

Asking for referrals early!

Many sales professionals know the importance of asking for referrals but, more often than not, ask far too late along the sales process – you need to sow the seeds for referrals early!

asking for referrals
Ask for referrals early!

Do you use the reverse of your business card to convey your sales message as well as the front of the card? Have you ever thought about including something like the following on the reverse of your business card to encourage people to pass your details on?

 “I grow my business through referrals. Is there anyone you know that you think would appreciate the services I provide? If so, I would really appreciate you passing my details on to them.”

This wording needn’t only be put on the reverse of your business card but could also be included in your e-mail signature or at the top or bottom of your headed paper. The more times this referral message is seen by your contacts the better.

If there is someone at a Networking Meeting who you feel has lots of connections who would be of benefit to you, why not provide them with a small supply of business cards and ask them to hand them to anyone they feel would benefit from your product/service. Offer to do the same for them in return and you will, no doubt, guarantee they will take more than one card from you.

At your initial meeting with a new prospect why not talk to them about referrals so that they are already aware that this is something you expect from your happy customers. You might say it in person or you could send a greeting card including a wording along the following lines:

You will be aware that I grow my business by referrals from delighted customers. By obtaining business in this way this, very much, enables me to concentrate more of my efforts looking after my existing customers rather than looking for new ones. So, I am sending a short note just to check that this is something you would be happy to do.

 I am going to ask you for a couple of referrals from the people you think would benefit from the product/service (delete as appropriate) that I provide. However, I’m not going to do this straight away, I’m going to give you the ‘white glove’ service you deserve and then I will ask later. In the meantime, please do have a think about the people you might be happy to refer to me.

 With thanks in advance.

Once you have concluded your business with your customer you can then go back to them 2 to 3 months later and ask for the referral(s) and it will not come as a surprise to them to be asked as you have already pre-qualified that you are going to approach them on this matter.

When you go back to them you would remind them of the conversation you had/card you sent, which mentioned that you grow your business through referrals through the exemplary service you provide. Then ask them how happy they were with the service on a scale of 1-10 and wait for their comments.

Once they have confirmed how happy they are with the way you operate you would then ask who they might know who would benefit from the same type of service. You could remind them of your ideal customer too in order to jog their memory of the type of referral you are looking for.

Once they give you the names it is good to then get them to contact their referral (prior to you making contact) to say you will be calling which creates the introduction on your behalf.

If asking for the referral is something you know you should be doing to grow your business, but feel uncomfortable about, I do hope that some of these tips are helpful. If you are using this type of referral marketing strategy in your business already, with great success, is there anything that you do differently to this? Would love to hear your comments below.

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Nicky @NickyClaydon.