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Are you too nice?

Many years ago I was told by a very close family member that I was “far too nice” and that “nice gets you nowhere in life”.  They followed this on with a little snigger and then laughed at the same time as calling me “Nicky, nice”.  I remember at the time thinking what a rotten thing to say to someone, and I was really quite shocked that someone I cared about would level something like that at me as I had always considered being ‘nice’ as such a good quality to have. Continue reading Are you too nice?

What is Network Marketing?

Unfortunately, many people have the wrong perception of what Network Marketing is, so I thought it would be useful to explain exactly what is Networking Marketing all about.

Definition: Network Marketing is a business model in which a network of distributors is used to build the business. It is a legitimate business. Instead of paying huge amounts in advertising and sponsorship, for high profile people to endorse their products, Network Marketing companies pay a portion of every sale, by way of commission, to the distributors within the company who market the product on the company’s behalf by word of mouth.

If you are thinking of starting your own business Continue reading What is Network Marketing?