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Photographers Behind the Lens

Whilst promoting my card business over the last year, I have had the privilege of meeting or connecting, via Social Media, with some amazing photographers who work wonders behind the lens. What I love about them all is that they each have their own unique style and specialisms.

Photography is such an art form and now we have Facebook at our fingertips we are so fortunate as it is a great place for photographers to share their work. I thought that I would use today’s blog to showcase these wonderful photographers, tell you a little bit about them and let you know what I personally love about their pictures. Continue reading Photographers Behind the Lens

Different ideas to use greeting cards

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that greeting cards are only for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries or Mother’s Day, so I thought I would write this blog to give you different ideas to use greetings other than these occasions.

One thing that I really get a buzz out of is showing people how they can use cards to enhance their relationships not only personally but in business too, for different situations other Continue reading Different ideas to use greeting cards