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How to maximise your Business Networking

In order to make more business connections, I decided to start going Business Networking just over a year ago.  For any Networking newbie this can be a daunting prospect and, I must admit, I found myself on occasions completely ‘outside of my comfort zone’.  I recently saw a really great blog which gives some really useful tips and insights for Networking Novices. It is written by Sarah Buchanan-Smith, a business consultant based in Mid Lothian, and is a must read if Networking is an Continue reading How to maximise your Business Networking

Have you heard of Link4Growth?

I came across Link4Growth just over a year ago via an old school friend who had launched a Link4Coffee locally. I had done a little business networking before so was intrigued when my friend explained their whole ethos of gathering to nurture, support and connect local people, businesses and the community. They are informal gatherings with no sixty commercial so a great place for people to relax, chat and get to know one another. I was, very much, interested in attending so quickly researched Link4Growth via their website www.link4growth.biz and really liked everything I heard about them.

Link4Growth #L4G Logo
Link4Growth #L4G Logo

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