Sometimes it is not all about earning money

When I started my Network Marketing business, little did I realise that it sometimes isn’t all about earning money!  I have been pleasantly surprised to find my business has developed into so much more than just a vehicle for earning an additional income.

Upon joining my company, where I market an on-line greeting card service which sends a real physical card, I didn’t think much further than it being an additional revenue stream which I would fit in with my other commitments.  I very much thought that my customers would be those who wanted to use the system personally to send Birthday, Christmas and other occasion cards to family, friends and others close to them.  It was great that straight away I had quite a few friends who could see the benefit of using a system like this and got me off the ‘starting blocks’.

As my company has very little presence in the UK (another great reason for joining) almost immediately lots of Distributors in the States (where the company is based) connected with me via Facebook (some of whom were at a very senior level within the company), sharing their training materials, supporting me and offering their friendship with ‘no strings attached’.  There is no doubt, in my mind, the Americans simply love the English. This was so refreshing to me as it was something that I had never experienced before.  In previous companies that I had worked for people had always been rather guarded about sharing knowledge which could prove helpful to others.

Not only did I find that the company was one of complete positivity, very much helped by the fact that the product we promote is one that is always really well received by whoever is the recipient, but every individual I came into contact with from the Company was warm, generous and kind. I consider that I have always been a very grateful, positive and optimistic person, even before joining my company, but very quickly found that being involved with my company and the great people connected with it and their generosity meant that I was looking at my life through new eyes on a daily basis. It really highlighted people in my life that were literally ‘sucking the life blood out of me’, because all they wanted to do whenever I came into contact with them was moan about their lot, be negative about other people and whinge about their lack of money.  They didn’t appear to be at all worried about how mean they were being towards people who were their ‘friends’ or prepared to plan a way out of their situation. I am not saying that everyone I am associated with was like this, as I have some fantastic friends who I cherish their friendships, but it was an ‘eye opener’.

Gratitude Card
Sample Gratitude Card

After being encouraged by my up-line in America, I decided to take my business in a different direction as she reminded me that my product could not only have a powerful impact for those   who used if for personal card sending but also businesses to engage, re-connect and appreciate their business contacts. So I started by going to a ladies only networking group, not local to me   but about 20 miles away, so that I would meet people I hadn’t met before and by going to a ladies group I felt it would be less intimidating. I could not have been better received by this wonderful group of ladies at Essex Girls in Business:  I was then recommended by a couple of the ladies present, at a more local group of EGIB, to attend Maldon Business Networking:  I found everyone there extremely friendly, especially the ladies, but this was networking on a completely different level to the ladies group, but not in a bad way.  Upon arrival I was completely out of my comfort zone but knew if I       wanted  to grow my business I needed to ‘bite the bullet’ and ‘get over myself’.  As the quote says “everything happens outside of your comfort zone”.

I have met some really amazing people business networking and have made some fabulous friends too.  way they can.  When I started networking I really didn’t feel I needed to develop in any way personally, but with the help and support of others my journey has been quite incredible. I can now stand in a room and speak in front of 20 or 30 people for 10 minutes and not be crippled by nerves. Something I would not have wanted to do or thought possible for me to do a year ago. I would like to personally thank those people who have helped me in my journey and I am now on to a whole new chapter. You know who your are!

So, the moral in this story is “sometimes being involved in something is not all about the money” but, having said that, if you can earn along the way at the same time how fantastic is that!

What things have you been involved in where the outcome has been completely different to your initial objective? Would love to hear your comments below and please do come and connect with me on Facebook and Twitter