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The Power of Calendar Cards

Are you struggling with the cost of marketing your business – Calendar Cards could be the answer?

Marketing is an expense that most new businesses really struggle with. The first thing new businesses owners do is, often, spend large amounts on getting their websites in place, as it is something they feel they need to do quickly, as they haven’t got the time to master something FREE like a WordPress site.

Once they have their website up and running, they then wonder why they aren’t getting any enquires from their fantastic new ‘singing and dancing’ website. The fact is, the thing that needs the most time and money spent on it is marketing their website to attract business to them, which is often lost on new business owners. Good marketing is really crucial for any business to be successful. If you are also trying to get noticed on Social Media you need to be tweeting, Facebook commenting and LinkedIn posting on a regular basis, otherwise your business will be invisible. If you post on each of these mediums once a day, the chances are not many people are going to see your message. Blogging is a great way too to get your message out there in order for people to get to know, like and trust you, but often many new business owners are extremely nervous of ‘going down this road’.

Something I wanted to talk about in today’s blog post is something which is a little different, and an off-line type of marketing, which is the power of using a Calendar Card in your marketing strategy. It is another way of getting your message out to your business contacts and for it to be kept for a whole year, including your marketing message, to let people know/remind people that you are in business and also to encourage referrals/repeat business.

Calendar cards
2015 Calendar Card

This type of off-line marketing can be used very effectively at the beginning of every year. It is an added advantage sending them in the New Year as it is really unusual to receive something once the Christmas/New Year festivities are over. It can often be more effective than sending a Christmas card to your contacts as huge volumes of Christmas cards can be received which are simply placed in a pile, with so many others, and then re-cycled with no more than a glance at your card.

Why not do something, this year, that your competitors aren’t and instead of sending Christmas Cards send a Calendar Card that can be referred to every day of the year on a notice board, desk or sideboard? You can choose from sending a Calendar postcard, with your contact details on the reverse, or a 2 leaf card including your contact details in the inside leaf. You might also like to include an offer for someone recommending a referral, a discount if they make a product purchase/use your service in January or invite them to a VIP event for the launch of a new product. Whatever you do, because there is a calendar on the front of the card it is a good possibility that this card will be kept and referred to often. Prices are around £1.00 for a postcard and £1.25 for a card including postage, direct to your address list so you don’t even have to visit the post office and your own personal handwriting/signature can be included too.

If you were thinking of sending Christmas cards to your business connections why not do something different this year. I think you will be pleased you did. Contact me via e-mail if you would like to try our system out by sending a FREE card without obligation.

I would love to hear your comments of what you think of this idea. Until next time.

Nicky @NickyClaydon.