There’s no place quite like a garden

One of the things that makes my ‘soul sing’ is spending time in my garden. I have always loved gardening and in my previous houses have had fairly small gardens to tend, so was extremely fortunate, on my last move, to inherit a larger well-established garden from the previous owner of our house. I find the more time I spend in it the happier it makes me, and there really is no place quite like it when the birds are singing on a sunny day like it was last Sunday.

Nicky's Garden
There’s no place like a garden

Whilst a garden isn’t something everyone wants or is possible for everyone to have, and there are also those who like a garden but want one that is as maintenance free as possible, I think, you will agree, that whatever you feel about a garden of your own everyone can appreciate a really well tendered beautiful garden.

My friend’s garden with Socks the cat

A friend of mine, who isn’t really into gardening, recently decided to lay Astro Turf in his latest garden revamp. At the time, this amused me no end as it isn’t something I would have thought of putting in my garden. I must say, however, that I was quite impressed with the end result of an extremely tidy and ordered garden. He kindly agreed for me to share a picture of it here for you.

My desire for a really lovely garden stemmed from a trip that my husband and I took about 16 years ago.  We were lucky enough to visit Butchart Gardens in Victoria, Canada and Byodo-In-Temple, Oahu, Hawaii on a great trip away we took before having our children. The Acers at Buschard in the Autumn fall were breathtakingly beautiful.  At the time, we had a really tiny garden but upon our return we planted lots of Acers in terracotta pots and placed them on our terrace. They were really stunning, especially in Autumn, and we were lucky enough to be able to move them to our current house and plant them out. At Byodo-In-Temple in Oahu not only were the gardens breathtakingly beautiful but it was also possible to feed the birds from your hand there. The act of feeding the birds was such a special moment for me and is something that has always remained special to me, whenever I think of it, which is always when I’m in my own garden. If you ever get the opportunity to visit either of these gardens I would thoroughly recommend you visit them.

There are always ways to escape to a garden, near you, with so many gardens that are open to the public in the UK or if you are away on holiday. Here are a few gardens which are really special to me, within the UK, which are fabulous places to visit:

Trellisick Garden – Feock, near Truro, Cornwall
The Beth Chatto Gardens – Elmstead Market, Colchester, Essex
Royal Botanic Gardens – Kew, Brentford Gate, London

Finally, I thought I would leave you with this quote which I love:

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” ~ Audrey Hepburn

It would be great to hear your comments on your favourite garden(s).

Until next time. Nicky @NickyClaydon.